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Personal Protective Equipment

We have many years experience in the sale of personal protective equipment; we represent leading Czech and foreign manufacturers.
In our portfolio, you will find working clothes, working boots, gloves, equipment for working at heights, protection of the eyes, ears, head, leisure-time wear, chemist’s products, tailor-made clothes including printing or embroidery.
Many of the products we offer include all types of personal protection equipment currently used in various spheres of production.
We carefully take into consideration the statutory requirements for occupational protection of health, user comfort and the healthiness of the product fulfilling the basic technical regulations and requirements of the EN standards.
For customers who do not utilise the option to collect their own goods under better bargain conditions, we provide distribution services using our own transport, or parcel service.


 We offer the following assortment of products:

  • Gloves
  • Work clothes
  • Footwear
  • Respiratory protection devices
  • Eye protectors
  • Ear protectors
  • Head protectors (helmets)
  • Equipment for working at heights
  • Chemist’s products
  • Tools
  • Tailor-made clothes
  • PPE according to EN standards



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