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Sale of concrete mixtures

Based on long-term experience in the building construction industry, our company has expanded its portfolio to include the sale and distribution of concrete mixtures, easy to compact concretes and self-compacting concretes, cement insulation and filling poured mixtures, washed concretes and other special products.
The high quality of the materials used and the certified production management system guarantee the high quality of all concrete mixtures and special products.
We are pleased when we can apply our experience including the international knowledge sharing system in the field of concrete technology.
If necessary, we are therefore capable of offering technological advice and prepare custom mixtures for specific building projects.
We solve the transport of concrete in various ways.
We have means of transport such as concrete mixer trucks, lorry-mounted cranes and pumps and for this reason, shipping and transportation are available to you.
We shall deliver the concrete mixture to you very quickly.

We offer:

  • Concretes according to PSč.9.01a
  • Pure concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Waterproof concrete
  • Concretes according to ČSN EN 206:2014 + ČSN P 732404:2016
  • Cement screeds according to ČSN EN 13813
  • Hydraulically bound mixtures – cement bound granular mixtures according to ČSN 14227-1:2013-TKP5

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