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Sale of aggregate

In parallel to the distribution of concrete mixtures, our trading portfolio was expanded to include the sale of gravels, sands and aggregates used in a broad spectrum of applications – construction of pavements, roads, buildings, for drainage or as bedding/filling material.
During purchase, it is important to ensure its quality as only quality bulk materials will provide you with the quality base on which you can build later.
We supply a broad spectrum of fractions applicable in all areas of the building industry.
If you need gravel, sand or aggregate in whatever quantity, we shall exert maximum effort to meet your requirements.
We are capable of delivering all materials that you buy from us to the building construction site or another destination.

We offer:

  • Fine-grained aggregate
  • Coarse aggregate
  • Non-bonded mixtures
  • Gravel
  • Others

The aggregate is made and delivered on the basis of a protocol of demonstrable aggregate tests according to EN 12620:2002+ A1:2008, ČSN EN12271:2008, EN13043:2002, EN 13450:2002, ČSN EN13258:2011.
The process of extraction and processing conforms to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.


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